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Turtle TTouch + The Body and Head Wraps = The Gift Wrap of Comfort for Dachshund Gracie

I received this communication from Marsha T. Wallace via our Tellington Training message boards on Yahoo. She reports an interesting and effective combination of Turtle TTouches and the body wrap for her severely thunderstorm-sensitive Dachshund Gracie. If your dog suffers from the same symptoms as Gracie, consider trying what Marsha has done. (more…)

Annual Downtime in Virginia Reveals A TTouch Success Story: Reggie the Dog

The week after my May Virginia training for humans in Charlottsville, Virginia, and the weeklong TTouch training for horses with Pamela Woolley, I spent four days at the home of TTouch Practitioner Pam Wanveer and her husband John Hurd. This downtime with Pam and John has become an annual event and I have the pleasure meeting many of Pam’s regular TTouch clients with their dogs. I took this photo of Pam doing a Heart Hug on Reggie with Mike getting ready to practice, and am pleased to share Mike’s remarkable story of how Pam and TTouch made such a difference to Reggie.


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