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A Message From Debby Potts, TTouch Instructor

TTouch Instructors Debby Potts and Lauren McCall have been teaching Tellington TTouch in Japan for Companion Animals, horses and bunnies for many years. Debby was teaching a horse training in Japan when the earthquake struck and Lauren was in the air just 30 minutes from landing in Tokyo. Their on-the-spot stories that were sent out in our ENEWS on Friday, March 25th, give us a sense of being there in those historical first hours.

Animals are very important to Japanese people. I was so touched by these photos of animals living in the shelters with their people. Japan set a new precedent for the rest of the world to follow in times of crisis by allowing animals to accompany their families into the human shelters.

Authorities in charge of rescue housing must grok the need to care for our animal companions in the case of disaster as we would care for humans. Let us hold the intention that Japan will be a new model for the future for the United States and the rest of the world, so that never again will animals have to be left behind as they were during the Katrina disaster.

Please send your prayers and donations if you can. I understand there is a need for food, water and food bowls, pee pads, leashes, blankets and other supplies for all the dogs, cats, birds and other animal companions who are in shelters and may remain there for many months. By helping the animals, I know we are directly reaching out and making a difference in the lives of their guardians who love them so dearly.

My special thanks to Debby and Lauren for the spectacular work they are doing in Japan; to all the Japan TTouch Family who are reaching out to others to help in this time; and to all of you who send your prayers and donations.

Lets join our hearts and minds
with healing intention and support
sending Heart Hugs to the people and animals of Japan
with the feelings of Understanding, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion
and together, let us
Change the World,
One TTouch at a Time.

Debby Potts, Tellington TTouch InstructorMany of you know that I have been teaching in Japan for the past 17 years. I love Japan and look forward to the trips I make there every year. The time is filled with TTouch, great people and animals, and wonderful food.

My most recent trip was also filled with the events I want to share here. I was teaching a basic horse workshop on March 11 and had just started a demonstration when the ground started shaking. That happens in Japan from time to time and we waited for it to stop – except this time it just kept getting bigger! (more…)

The Great Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan: How You Can Help the Animals

The Great Earthquake

The Northeastern side of Japan suffered a major earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11, 2011. Many areas, especially the coastal towns, have been literally washed away. Though it is true that incredible numbers of people are suffering greatly from the aftermath of this unprecedented disaster, we also need to think of our animal friends. Fortunately many, many people were able to escape with their animals, but just as many were washed ashore either with their people or not . . . There are not as many animals wandering through the disaster area as compared to the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Many of the animals did not survive the tsunami. (more…)

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