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Tellington TTouch Goes High Tech

“In this age of high tech, we need high TTouch.” Those prophetic words were uttered by Jim Garrision during a trip to Russia when he was the Director of the Esalen Soviet/American Exchange Program many years ago. At the time I was a citizen diplomat opening doors behind the iron curtain working with the Russian equestrian team.

I was reminded of this concept this past week during the 5th annual Virginia Tellington TTouch Training for Horses, organized by Pam Woolley. Pam is a Tellington Practitioner 2 who has frequently escaped the Virginia winters to co-teach with me in Hawaii in the TTouch for You and Your Horse trainings. Pam also collaborates and studies with Wendy Murdock, a brilliant, cutting-edge riding instructor and author whose background includes Tellington TTouch, Feldenkrais and Centered Riding. Wendy specializes in the bio-mechanical interaction of horse and rider.


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