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The Miracle of Avignon

If you don’t believe in miracles perhaps this story will change your mind. It’s regarding the rescue of the 19-year old, curlyhaired dog named Buelle.

Buelle is a member of the Frédéric Pignon/Magali Delgado family who looks like she may have miniature poodle and terrier blood in her veins. She is deaf and does not see well and won’t let strangers touch her at all. On the day before the horse expo Fred and Magali returned home after midnight to discover that Buelle was missing.

My Spontaneous Visit with Frédéric & Magali: Intuition, Attitude & Avignon

As I expect you know by now, TTouch came into being because I learned to trust my intuition way back in the 1960’s. This came as a result of a computer-generated astrological chart that stated that in my lifetime I would develop a new form of communication that would spread around the world. It was made clear to me that in order to develop this communication I would have to learn to trust my intuition. I’ve been practicing and listening to those aha! moments and intuitive directions since that very day.

So, out of the blue, on the 6th of January I began to get a strong sense that I should fly to southern France to spend a few days with my friends, Magali Delgado and Frédéric Pignon.

Three days later I flew from Kona to San Francisco, bedded down for the night in a hotel, and flew over the pole the next day to Frankfurt, Germany and on to Marseille, France, where Frédéric picked me up at the airport. We made it back over snowy roads in time for his rehearsal in the main arena at midnight with the six stallions Fred had brought for his 16-minute performance as a main attraction of Cheval Passion.

Gallop to Freedom By Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon of Cavalia

Coming Soon to Horse and Rider and a book store near you: Trafalgar Books’ Gallop to Freedom, by Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado, the founding stars of Cavalia.

Hollywood meets the publishing world in this video trailer for Gallop to Freedom. Pictured are Frédéric and Magali on the beach at Paradise Cove in Malibu, California, with Magali’s Lusitano stallion Dao; the couple’s wedding day in France on horseback (Magali’s dress was designed by Jiki, who also designed Princess Caroline of Monaco’s wedding dress); a shot taken by USDF gold medalist Linda Alexander Walton, who caught Magali aboard her stunning buckskin stallion Mandarin in a tiny patch of grass behind the Big Top, right before the equestrian spectacle Cavalia left for Europe.


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