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Heart-In-Hands: Staying Present in the Moment Determines How Trainings Unfold

I received this email from Teresa Cottarelli-Gunther of TTEAM Switzerland, and it started me thinking about the way I do things at trainings. I thought I’d share it with all of you. (more…)

TTEAM Training Switzerland Plus Some Daily TTouch Tips

Monday, September 15 – 20, 2008
TTEAM Training, Switzerland
A mixture of experienced TTEAM practitioners from the most experienced coming for inspiration, to share her knowledge and to brush up on the latest nuances – Annemarie Gmür-Suter. Annemarie did her first TTEAM training 20 years ago, is a Practitioner 3, and is a member of the seven-person Swiss Guild Board.

Thursday, Sept 19, 2008
It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with such enthusiastic horse fans. The excellent organization and wonderful venue that kept us dry and sheltered from the sudden change in weather was very much appreciated. And having that tasty food and ever-ready espresso or tea and cookies passed out by a smiling Lorenzo was a special treat. I loved dancing with you all – and reminiscing over the John Denver songs. They were especially poignant for me because I spent time with John Denver in Moscow in 1985 as a citizen Ambassador and hearing the music always takes me back to wonderful times when we were working to create peace between citizens even as our governments were so aggressive.

I’ve thought a lot about you and the horses we all worked with and I’ve been thinking about how you can continue to benefit from our time together. One way is to take a few minutes before you ride to slow down – get grounded and connect to your horse.  Click “more” to read the rest and to see some beautiful photos of the training.


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