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Raffi’s Goodbye: TTouch and Palliative Care

Over the past 28 years since the magical circles we call Tellington TTouch have come into being, we have received countless stories from grateful people who have found that TTouch reduces fear and pain during the final stages of transition from this life to the next – the passage that Hawaiians refer to as “changing address”; and others refer to as “crossing the Rainbow Bridge”. May this poignant story of Raffael aid and support you during the transition of a beloved family member .
Linda (from Rockville, Maryland, June 2nd, 2011) (more…)

Josie Overcomes Aggression Toward Other Dogs With the Help of a “Stuffie”

I’m sometimes asked if I ever get tired of hearing the stories about animals whose lives are changed by Tellington TTouch® Training. The answer is a clear, “Definitely not”. The stories and feedback are what keep me inspired and passionate about sharing the work. So I would love to hear any of your stories no matter what the animals.

During the TTouch Advanced training for Companion animals in St. Paul Minnesota last year we invited several interesting dogs with extreme behavior issues to be demos for the class. The 8 year old German Shepherd, Josie came to us with her companion, Bill who just sent me this letter of thanks which i wish to share. Josie is a lovely dog with humans but 3 trainers had been unsuccessful at bringing her to a place where she could be trusted to be near another dog. With the help of  a “stuffy” in the beginning, Josie came to a point in about an hour of calmly accepting two other dogs in the room. An act that Bill had not dared to hope for. He sent a few photos to demonstrate the success. I’m including his website, the Human Chrysalis about his touching and inspiring emergence from care-giver to a new life.


Padme and Leia’s First TTouch Experience: A Tellington TTouch® Certification Case Study

I had lovely feedback about my piece on “Miracles” in my New Years/Christmas letter and I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject ever since. We see so many seeming-miracles in the TTouch with all species. A requirement of the Tellington TTouch® certification training for Companion Animals is to write up case studies on dogs and kitties and sometimes bunnies, depending upon the future focus of the student. Here is a typical case study about two kitties by Corinne Cevaer-Corey after her 2nd week-long training.
Although most of us who work with cats find that they develop a level of trust that just seems impossible in such a short time, nevertheless, it so often seems like a miracle.
Even though I  have been doing this work and teaching it and seeing such changes for more than 25 years, it is just as thrilling and I am just as grateful as I was the first time – perhaps even more so, for the fact that I feel so blessed each time.
Thank you, Corinne, for sharing these stories of the kitty at Best Friends in Utah, and your Padme and Leia.


Practitioners and Instructors Share Their Thoughts on Our Visit to the Zurich Zoo

Hello my friends,
I know that many of you love to hear/read what’s been happening, so let me tell you about last week’s meeting with Linda at the Zurich zoo.
The wonderful Teresa and Lisa from Switzerland planned and organized this amazing event. It was breathtakingly wonderful. (more…)

Our August Teleclass Was Such A Success, We Have Scheduled Another for December! Join Us!

Because of all the positive feedback from our teleclass on Profound Interspecies Communication, Sage Lewis and I will be doing another phone-teleclass on December 1 at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST).

Please subscribe to the Tellington TTouch e-news for more information on this upcoming teleclass.

I thought I’d share a few of the very gratifying emails Sage passed on to me afterward. (more…)

Heart-In-Hands: Staying Present in the Moment Determines How Trainings Unfold

I received this email from Teresa Cottarelli-Gunther of TTEAM Switzerland, and it started me thinking about the way I do things at trainings. I thought I’d share it with all of you. (more…)

Turtle TTouch + The Body and Head Wraps = The Gift Wrap of Comfort for Dachshund Gracie

I received this communication from Marsha T. Wallace via our Tellington Training message boards on Yahoo. She reports an interesting and effective combination of Turtle TTouches and the body wrap for her severely thunderstorm-sensitive Dachshund Gracie. If your dog suffers from the same symptoms as Gracie, consider trying what Marsha has done. (more…)

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