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Zoo Night in Puenta Verde, Italy

I had the pleasure of presenting at the zoo in Puenta Verde, Italy last month, along with Massimo Da Re, DVM, a TTouch practitioner.

I thought I’d share with you all a picture of Massimo and me working with a very concerned camel. This one was taken by the zoo director. The camel was able to reach out and touch my hand. Then I could TTouch his face! I’m looking forward to more photos from Massimo and the wonderful folks in attendance.

Italian Veterinarian and TTouch Practitioner Massimo Da Re Shares A Training Report

I crossed the threshold from the year 2009 into this final year of the first decade of the 21st Century with an attitude of gratitude and passion for life that fills me with hope and deep appreciation for family and friends and animals of all species. I’m thrilled to report that this passion continues to inform my work here in Hawaii as Roland I prepare to head to Europe later this month.

I’m often asked what gives me the strength and enthusiasm to travel the planet sharing TTouch with people and their animals. I believe enthusiasm is the key. One definition of enthusiasm is “intense and eager enjoyment or interest”; another is “inspired by God.” That all fits, but what gives me such joy and inspiration is all of you marvelous people who integrate TTouch into your lives and the fact that so many animals and their people are sharing in the gift of TTouch.

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