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Spotlight on TTouch Practitioner Linda Troup: Profound Gratitude

Linda Troup, a Tellington TTouch Practitioner I from San Diego, California has been a real inspiration for me as I followed her progress throughout the past few years. Finding TTouch while trying to help her dog Sammi recover from back problems led her to become one of our most forward-thinking and creative practitioners. Linda has gotten out into her community, bringing awareness to the plight of rescue dogs, the issues that face shelters and shelter dogs, and French Bulldog rescue. Equally important, Linda has followed her intuition and her heart, bringing her passion and love for animals to the task of saving the lives of dogs while contributing to the knowledge base of Tellington TTouch Training.

As we move forward through the 21st century, I envision passionate, courageous, and determined young minds like Linda joining forces with our instructors and practitioners to further develop the Tellington Method© and increase its impact on the world of animals everywhere. Linda, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage, heart, and skill! You are truly changing the world one TTouch at a time.

A Steady Diet of TTouch and Custom Chow Keep Gertie the Doxie Spunky

This is the type of story that keeps me inspired and dedicated to travelling the globe sharing Tellington TTouch. Thank you Linda Troup, for the wonderful work you are doing and your willingness to take the time to share your experiences. It gives many people hope.

Touch N Paws, TTouch N Ears, Saving Lives

I really want to share with you this wonderful story sent to me by a client of one of our most active practitioners-in-training, Linda Troup, of Touch N Paws in southern California.

LeeAnne Galasso relates her experience of using ear TTouch to save her dog’s life. It is quite hair-raising. Before reading, enjoy the slide show of her beautiful doggies.

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TTouch Success for Post-Operative Recovery from Shoulder Surgery

I received this email and photos from Linda Troup, a TTouch practitioner in training in Escondido, California. Linda’s success after her shoulder surgery demonstrates the way TTouch can assist medical interventions and physical therapy as an adjunct to traditional care.

Touches 2


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