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Telascica, Croatia: A Little Sailing

Telascica Nature Park, Croatia
At dawn I thought I could quietly creep past Darja and Andre so as not to awaken them and enjoy the first morning light. I was pleasantly surprised to find Darja already up and making her famous thick, delicious coffee.

We had moved the boat several hundred meters deeper into the bay to be away from the other boats and there was not a sound of civilization to be heard. What a treasure! No cars, no voices, no radios, no music boxes (what a strange word. It’s the influence of my listening to Croatian, Slovenian, Italian, Swiss German and German for the past weeks.)
I read my book and after a while Roland and Andre joined us and we simply read or sat quietly enjoying this period of silence.
Later in the morning we motored out of the National Marine Park into the larger expanse of water and caught the wind and really sailed for the first time, the sails full of wind tipping the boat at an angle that had Darja doing lots of Heart Hugs. Andre and Darja have not been sailing all that long. Andre was sensitive to her fear so he would slack off the sails most of the time if there was enough wind to heel them over. Roland is a very experienced sailor and when he explained to Darja that this type of sailboat cannot actually tip over because of the balance of the heavy keel, she screwed up her nerve and we almost flew across the open water of the bay. This was the first time I have ever had the pleasure of sailing this fast and it was very exciting.

Darja, Linda and Roland headed south in the Adriatic Sea toward Telascica National Park

Croatia: Darja, Linda and Roland headed south in the Adriatic Sea toward Telascica National Park


Sailing: Memories of Baltimore Aquarium Octopus

I awoke first at 3:42 a.m. with inspired thoughts in my head and dutifully left the warmth of my bed to record them. This is the time of the morning when the philosophy of TTouch comes to me in a Theta state. If I don’t write the thoughts are gone in the morning.

Before climbing back into bed I stood for some time transfixed at the peaceful scene from our third-floor balcony. In the small bay there are 20 sailboats docked – mostly sleek 17-meter sailboats chartered from Zadar from MH Charter, in case you ever want to head for this part of the world – unlike any sailing conditions we have seen in the Virgin Islands or San Juan Islands off the Oregon coast – both considered excellent sailing spots.
I was really wishing we could magically manifest one of those boats just for us to sleep in. Peeking in from the outside, the cabins are spacious and feature state-of-the-art plasma TV emanating into the darkness.

I climbed back into bed, trying to be quiet as a mouse not to awaken Roland, but three minutes later I had another Aha! And again went into the living room to make a mind map of my thoughts. About the 6th time I sprung out of bed to write, I closed the bedroom door hoping not to wake Roland, turned on my computer and journaled until 6:15 before falling asleep.

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