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The Miracle of Avignon

If you don’t believe in miracles perhaps this story will change your mind. It’s regarding the rescue of the 19-year old, curlyhaired dog named Buelle.

Buelle is a member of the Frédéric Pignon/Magali Delgado family who looks like she may have miniature poodle and terrier blood in her veins. She is deaf and does not see well and won’t let strangers touch her at all. On the day before the horse expo Fred and Magali returned home after midnight to discover that Buelle was missing.

What We Can Learn About Phantom TTouches from A Rescued Dog: Holding the Intention of Healing and Perfection

I received a very interesting though sad and sometimes horrifying email through our TTouch® Yahoo Group from a very dedicated TTouch Practitioner trainee who works with rescue animals in Escondido California. The dog Linda Troup describes has suffered immensely. But it is my hope that this suffering will be lessened with the work that Linda is doing. Through the work of Phantom TTouch (and for those who are inexperienced in this area there is useful evidence of the effectiveness of remote healing, and as my grandfather used to say about body work for horses, “it can’t hurt”. In this way anyone interested can work to lessen the pain of all beings and improve the quality of their lives.


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