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Paying Careful Attention to Our Health: Supplementation May Help!

I was inspired to write this on the plane over the big pond at 33,000 feet. I’m traveling to Europe on one leg of my annual trip to spread the word about TTouch!

Many people have commented over the years on my level of energy, and how it does not seem to diminish in spite of my 72 years. Our family has always attributed it to our good genes. But recently my sis, Robyn Hood, made the comment that it probably has to do more with the fact that my Dad had us from a very young age on supplements. I remember when I was 14 years old being sure to take my alfalfa pills with me when I spent a week on a horse ranch near Calgary, Alberta, riding some of the young horses I was asked to ride in the 9 day Calgary Spring Horse Show. I was sure happy to have those alfalfa pills to sustain me, because the food I was fed was not the diet our Mom had us on and the alfalfa pills sustained me through the experience. No wonder I think like a horse!

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