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Rollkur, Hyperflexion, LDR (Low, Deep & Round)

Much has been written since 2001 on the Rollkur/Hyperflexion debate.

Recently, the tendency to ride horses in an over-flexed position of the head and neck has come into the limelight internationally thanks to YouTube. Video clips such as the Blue Tongue video have brought abusive horse training practices to the public’s attention and consciousness in an unparalleled manner.

On February. 9, 41,000 signatures were gathered and presented in Lausanne at the fifth FEI Round Table on Rollkur. Petitioners demanded that the FEI follow the rules of training and competition set forth in the FEI’s own Rules for Dressage Events (The Rule Book), and ban Rollkur/Hyperflexion from competition.

Unfortunately, while Rollkur and Hyperflexion were defined by the group as aggressive forms of riding that use force and thus were rejected as unacceptable training practices, the identical abnormal posture — very deeply rolled neck and head –- was deemed acceptable under the name LDR or Low, Deep and Round. The LDR posture was described as a “harmonious flexion obtained without force.” (more…)

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