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Story Stew for the Inquiring Rider

It’s challenging to describe the feeling you take home from a week-long Tellington Training so I was delighted with Kim Cox Carneal presented her unique take on the November training I taught at Skyhorse Ranch.

I enjoy a team process of teaching so I always have excellent co-teachers at my trainings. As usual I had a blast with the skillful assistance of TTEAM Practitioners Barbara Owens and Joyce Anderson. Both are very experience horsewomen and both have been involved with the Tellington Method for more than 20 years.

Barb breeds Icelandic Horses at her farm in Modesto and often assists my sister, Robyn Hood at the Canadian headquarters of Tellington TTouch Training where she and her husband, Phil Pretty have one of the largest breeding herds of Icelandic horses in Canada. Check out this magical breed at Ice Farm . Barb also teaches Peggy Cummings Connected Riding as well as Tellington TTouch Training.

Joyce Anderson lives in Virginia where she teaches Tellington workshops, does a lot of individual TTouch with horses and manufactures and sells Cloud Nine Saddle Pads. I have been using these pads, developed by Dr. Mathew Mackay-Smith, for more than 25 years. At the Paralympics in Atlanta these pads were responsible for allowing three riders to compete whose horses would have otherwise been eliminated because of sore backs. That’s a whole other story I must blog about one of these days.

But on to the stew.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (more…)


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