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An Excerpt from the Biography of Klaus Balkenhol

I think it’s very interesting that, given my plans to meet with the other members of Xenophon in October, this quote from Klaus’ biography came across my desk again this week.

In order to better understand Gracioso’s, Goldstern’s, and Farbenfroh’s neuroses, he [Klaus Balkenhol] turned to world-renowned horse trainer and animal behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones, whose unique form of bodywork and training is reputed to override common resistances and strengthen the horse-human bond. “It was quite astonishing to see how much the horses changed,” he remembers, laughing at the memory of an episode with Goldstern. “When Linda worked with Goldstern, he was suddenly transformed, standing there with his ears and neck drooping, totally relaxed. The next day, he was still so relaxed, he didn’t go well at all—because now he was lacking the necessary body tension to perform. I said to Linda, ‘I guess this didn’t work out! Do you think you could change the dose so he’s relaxed but doesn’t fall asleep?’

“The result was incredible. During the next session she worked with ‘Goldi’ in a slightly different way, and the following day he was just sensational.”

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