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Raffi’s Goodbye: TTouch and Palliative Care

Over the past 28 years since the magical circles we call Tellington TTouch have come into being, we have received countless stories from grateful people who have found that TTouch reduces fear and pain during the final stages of transition from this life to the next – the passage that Hawaiians refer to as “changing address”; and others refer to as “crossing the Rainbow Bridge”. May this poignant story of Raffael aid and support you during the transition of a beloved family member .
Linda (from Rockville, Maryland, June 2nd, 2011) (more…)

Investigating TTouch As A Complementary Therapy for Hypertension in Laminitic Horses

I’ve been following the investigations of Jo Pogson of the UK, a TTouch practitioner and colleague of Sarah Fisher, in her efforts to help her horse, who suffers from laminitis. It is interesting to think that TTouch could be used to reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs that treat the hypertension that often comes along with founder and laminitis.

Jo’s words touch me deeply. There are not adequate words to express the gratitude I feel each day for the quality of the people who are drawn intuitively to this work – and for the dedication of all who pass it on by teaching. To my sister Robyn and Sarah Fisher and all the brilliant instructors and practitioners who share this special connection to animals and their people around the world, I am deeply grateful. Thank you for taking the time to write and please pass along your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Heart hugs,



Tellington TTouch Success: Don Diego

I am so fortunate to receive accounts of Tellington TTouch® at work from some talented and dedicated horse professionals around the world.

Swiss horse trainer Brigitte Schworer has been a TTouch practitioner for horses for almost two decades. She recently sent me this TTouch success story from Switzerland. It demonstrates how patience, understanding and Tellington TTouch can save a horse’s life. After Equitana in Essen, Germany, Brigitte sent the following email.

The horse: Don Diego, Oldenburger gelding born 1/6/2005, currently 170 cm. Born a twin but his brother died at birth.
Sire: Don Vino, Donnerhall, Consul
Sire’s sire : Cor de la Bruyere, Marduk


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