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From My Email: Helpful Tips For Trailering Problems

I just love getting emails like the one below. It is gratifying in the extreme to know that I have the tools to help someone facing a difficult situation.

Dear Linda,

I know your are very busy but I still will send this. I have started TTouch on my horse about 6 weeks ago. He is a 17 hand Warmblood, turning 7 years in April. He had a bad start in Germany. I have reason to believe he was pushed hard as a 4 year old and tore some muscles in the semimembranosis area..down the back of the hind leg. I doubt if he was given proper care but just turned out..probably lame.

He is hot blooded and reactive and I have had one bad accident with him…rearing and bucking left me with a smashed face and broken wrist. He was coming back from stall rest after an injury to his annular ligament right after I got him home from Germany. He was 5 yrs. old at that time and not well broke. I didn’t know him very well.

After a year of work he is getting better and better in mind and body and your exercises have really helped. The mouth exercises did wonders to his reaction to the bit. It was amazing.

My problem is that he is easy to load in the trailer but once in there he gets very impatient and paws constantly as we go forward. He throws his head around and rocks the trailer back and forth. He will be in a sweat when we arrive at our destination. I have trailered out once a week for several months and tried going on short trips every day but he still continues to get stressed. I do put him on ranitidine (Zantac) to protect his stomach when going to a lesson. The trip to the lesson is only 20 minutes and I do not take the freeway because he really hates the sound of the traffic.

I need to be able to trailer this horse and I am afraid he is going to eventually hurt himself. Any ideas how I can improve this situation?


“bluesky” (more…)

New YouTube Video from Green Chimneys

I’m in Germany having just the best time working with amazing horses, and thanks to the folks at Eurodressage, I found this wonderful YouTube video demonstration of TTouch at work in the Playground for Higher Learning at Green Chimneys in Brewster, N.Y. I was there in April of 2009 for the Humane Education Conference, which was co-sponsored by Green Chimneys and the ASPCA.

I’m Sorry to Report I Won’t Be at Equitana This Year

I’m so disappointed to tell you that I will not be able to attend Equitana this year due to a problem with my teeth. ‘ve been a featured presenter since the 1970’s. Bibi Degn will be giving the demos in my place and at my stand in Hall 1. You can get advice from Tellington Teachers and send me greetings from Equitana on Facebook.

My teeth problems began in September in Germany when I bit down on a brochien that had a stone in it and fractured two front teeth. This resulted in an infection in my jaw that won;t be repaired in time for Equitana! Be careful the next time you bite into a hard piece of bread! Ii look forward to meeting you all on facebook!

I'm Presenting At Xenophon in Unna, Germany in October!

I am so pleased to announce I’ll be giving a dressage clinic on October 13th in Unna, Germany, sponsored by Xenophon.

“Correct riding is enough” – Xenophon shows how to realize the citation of the common trainer Paul Stecken – for the health and wellbeing of the horse and rider.

It will be exciting to reunite with Klaus Balkenhol, Ingrid Klimke and European dressage trainers and riders interested in gentle, humane and correct riding. TTouch offers a host of complements to correct riding–techniques to assist the horse in moving freely and to its greatest potential. I’m delighted to be able to present these tools and techniques for making a profound connection with the horse in the art of dressage. I am excited to share the benefits of the Balance Rein, the Liberty Neck Ring, the Lindell Bitless Bridle and the Training bit, along with our simple and effective techniques for freeing the back, releasing the topline, lowering the head, and all the other benefits TTouch has to offer the performance horse. (more…)

Gorgeous Photos Added to "My Spontaneous Visit with Frédéric & Magali: Intuition, Attitude & Avignon"

I have added photos to My Spontaneous Visit with Frédéric & Magali: Intuition, Attitude & Avignon.

I’m really thrilled to be able to share images of Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado and their stallions taken behind the scenes at Cheval Passion. Go take a look!

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