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Raffi’s Goodbye: TTouch and Palliative Care

Over the past 28 years since the magical circles we call Tellington TTouch have come into being, we have received countless stories from grateful people who have found that TTouch reduces fear and pain during the final stages of transition from this life to the next – the passage that Hawaiians refer to as “changing address”; and others refer to as “crossing the Rainbow Bridge”. May this poignant story of Raffael aid and support you during the transition of a beloved family member .
Linda (from Rockville, Maryland, June 2nd, 2011) (more…)


Be Aware: PreveNile West Nile Virus Vaccine Recalled

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Finally there has been an action to remove West Nile vaccine from the shelf of your veterinarian. Years ago one of my veterinary friends told me that in her experience the vaccine could be even worse than the disease but she had no choice but to vaccinate. It’s my understanding that a lot of horses must have had adverse effects to cause this recall.

You can read a May 4 The article by Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc on the PreveNile West Nile Virus Vaccine Recall by going directly to their site or by clicking (more…)

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