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I get so much joy from some of the interspecies connections that come across my desk I’ve decided to share them on my blog from time to time. I hope you get as much delight as i do when I feel the connection between these two. This was sent to me by my friend, Christine Hillis from Edmonton, Alberta. Christine went to school with my brother, Randy, and became a shopping companion and later a care-giver to our Mother, Marion in the last  of years of her life. Mom and Christine came to visit us in Hawaii once, and so our friendship has deepened over the years.
Although I don’t see her often, we stay in touch through email and the quote she sent me actually describes our friendship and the friendship I feel for so many of you who have connected with me through TTouch courses, from emails you send me, and from the amazing Facebook.

‘No distance of place or lapse of time
can lessen the friendship
of those who are thoroughly
persuaded of each other’s worth.’
Robert Southey (1774 – 1843)


A deer visits a cat in a yard every morning…
There is nothing more wonderful than animals !
This cat in Harrisburg  has her friend that comes to see her every morning.
The owner finally took pics.


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”
– Jimi Hendrix


Comments on: "Friendship" (5)

  1. Enjoyed this post and the adorable photos.

  2. Why can’t the human species learn from our animal friends? What role models! I rescued a badly mistreated and neglected little dog who didn’t know how to play with any toys or any other dogs,cats but has suddenly bonded strongly with my littlest cat and to see them play these days is nothing short of a miracle! What joy in his eyes, and the cat seems to want to imitate him and be like a dog herself! He still doesn’t know what to do with any dog toys but saw cats playing with catnip toys and he began to do so as well. I know he doesn’t experience the same effect as a cat but he seems to experience the same joy in belonging to a group and he knows he is loved.

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