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Take Advantage of our TTouch Hawaii Stimulous Package

Bring a friend and receive a 50% discount
You each deduct 25%.

This offer is good for 2011 Hawaii Trainings Only:
TTouch for You Jan 29 to Feb 2
TTouch for You and Your Dog Feb 6 – 11
TTouch for You and Your Horse Feb 20 – 26


“The brilliant effect of the Tellington Method on horse and rider is one of the best kept secrets in the horse world,” commented TTouch Practitioner Pam Woolley to me some years ago. Why? Because it’s hard to imagine the depth of the work, the empowerment participants take home, and the value of “seeing horses with new eyes.”

In 2011 we’re making a special offer to entice you to the Hawaiian venue. There you will find perfect weather (around 80 degrees each day), soft sunshine, snorkeling in warm tropical waters, swimming with wild dolphin, top of the mountain riding on the 12,000 acre Kahua Ranch, sharing the intimacy of Linda and Roland’s home, and feeling the embrace of the Aloha Spirit.

The joy of connecting to horses with an open heart, so that horses enjoy being with me as much as I enjoy the relationship with them, is a primary reason I continue to teach this work with such passion – what I think of as “The HeArt of TTouch.” Combining heart with principles of quantum science inspires me in the search to understand just why the Method works so effectively.

During this week you will be introduced to the concepts behind the “meat and potatoes” of the techniques, learning how our thoughts, our expectations, our intention, and Heart Coherence effects our relationship with our horses as well as their performance, offering you new tools for personal brilliance. Plus it’s so much fun to explore together!

•  You’ll enjoy the support and fun of working in pairs or “pods” (to use a dolphin term) no matter what your level of experience is. The “whipped cream on top of the frappaccino” is a sense of well-being you will take home and the personal empowerment you will feel from learning how you, yourself, using these simple-seeming TTouches, can stop a headache, relieve pain in your shoulders or back or hips, and reduce the stress of daily living. Practicing the “TTouch Body Blessing” and learning to communicate with your 50 trillion cells, sending the simple message, “Remember your perfection” has had a life-changing effect on countless participants.

• And learning the basic 9 Elements of TTouch for self-help will gift you with an understanding of why horses respond so quickly with trust, without you having to be “dominant” or be “the herd boss”.

The following email from Virginia Rhoads, who attended the Hawaii training in 2009, will give you a sense of what you can expect in the Hawaiian TTouch for You and Your Horse:

“The email flier for last February’s Hawaii TTouch Training with Linda jumped out of my computer screen about a year ago today.  Out of all the invitations that come in over the years… THIS one felt like a Calling.  I sat up a bit straighter in my chair, stared at the screen for a few moments, checked my February calendar, looked up the current weather in Hawaii, investigated flights from Seattle, sent the link to my husband, received a resounding “YES, GO!” from him and I was in.

Flash forward to February 2010… Linda bounding across her lawn barefoot to greet us with flowers in her hair and the scent of blooming trees on the warm morning breeze.  The entire week is a tapestry of horse-talk, horse practice, people practice… Some of us learning TTouch for the first time, most others deepening their wisdom from many years’ practice. Linda easily and fluently guides our learning with stories and hands-on practice with clear and specific feedback from humans and from the horses. People new to the work are soon deeply immersed, as are the old-timers. All of us alternate between deep focus on the learning… And wonder and awe at the impact it has on the horses and each other. All the best, Virginia Rhoads

If you are a massage therapist for humans you may be eligible to receive 21 CE’s from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Equine massage therapist who are members of the International Equine Body Worker Association or Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute are also eligible for 21 CE’s credits for Tellington TTouch® Training.

We hope you can take advantage of this special offer and join us in our Hawaiian Paradise.

Aloha and Blessings,

Linda Tellington-Jones


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