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Sharing Tellington TTouch® with Bruce Lipton was one of those memorable treasures that makes my heart sing. Bruce is the author of the world-view shifting books, The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution. He is a brilliant presenter and had more than 500 people on the edge of our seats in his workshop in Grass Valley, California in July. Even though I have studied his new book and made countless highlights, I took reams of notes all day.

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Tina Hutton graciously took all the photos of this wonderful day.

Bruce, Margaret, and me

sharing ideas

sharing TTouch

Besides being a world class researcher, visionary and author, Bruce loves animals. It was a pleasure to see his enthusiasm for life and his love of people and his wonderful life partner Margaret. To hear him talk about a little dog Tucker at the wine and cheese reception after the workshop was a hoot. He said he never liked small, yappy dogs. But just that type of dog won his heart. Tucker actually belongs in the family of his neighbor, but Tucker took a liking to Bruce, and now actually sleeps with Bruce and Margaret! Bruce is so attached that when he and Margaret travel, they have a house sitter come in so Tucker won’t feel abandoned when he visits from next door and they are not home!

all photos by Tina Hutton

Reading his books and attending his workshop has been a highlight of my summer.

A tip for those of you who love to read: I am a super fan of the Apple iPad. it allows me to underline and make notes as I read that I can take with me, replacing the books I would have to carry with my tabs and underlines and notes all over the book! I can have my whole library in the lightweight iPad! It’s a great way to read, absorb and enjoy Bruce Lipton’s books.

the iPad


Comments on: "Memories of My Fabulous Day With Bruce Lipton" (1)

  1. Angela Neumann said:

    Hooray!!! I had it on my intention-list and knew that it would come to this meeting between you and Mr. “Biology-of-Believe”.
    How wonderful that you could intrduce him to Tellington-TTouch and I love all the full-of-joy-pictures taken by Tina Hutton!
    With love and Heart Hugs from Germany


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