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We have been using Tellington TTouch body wraps combined with Ear TTouches on fearful dogs with great success since the late 90’s with hundreds of success stories.

I also recommend the new Thunder Shirt because it is easy to put on and easy for a person to understand. The simple TTouch body wrap has a remarkable success rate, but many people feel more comfortable buying a special product. For that reason I highly recommend the Thunder Shirt and appreciate the reasonable $36 price tag. Whatever the reason for the fear – TTOUCH body wraps and Thundershirts work.

Rayne, my wise and sweet West Highland Terrier, didn’t used to like loud noises like fireworks. On the fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, Rayne would often sit and tremble in fear at the loud noises that seemed to come from nowhere. Other pets hide under beds or in closets and will not come out during parties, construction, or other intermittent noisy times.

This is Rayne during the fireworks when we first put the body wrap on her

We can help them find comfort while the noise is going on. Roland and I used the Body Wrap on Rayne at New Year’s in 2008 and when 2009 rolled around, we were prepared to do it again, but Rayne was comfortable and calm! When Independence Day fireworks popped and sizzled this summer, Rayne got anxious, so we wrapped her again, which helped to calm her. I’m willing to bet that next summer, she will be calm and confident.

This is Rayne after a few minutes wearing the body wrap. She is calm and content.

When an animal holds its breath in fear, it goes into the instinctive mode of fight or flight. Everyone has seen an animal freeze, become aggressive, lick compulsively, etc. when stressed. Used along with Tellington TTouch, The body wrap or Thunder Shirt act as comforting contact, effectively saying to the animal’s body, “remember to breathe, relax, I am holding you, be confident!” If a pet can breathe, it can think. If it can think, it can listen to you and cope confidently with just about anything that comes its way.

A quick refresher on how to apply the Tellington TTouch Body Wrap A very simple wrap is easiest. A figure-8 around the chest, crossed over the back and around the hind end and tied or pinned with diaper pins works great. Most important is not to wrap your pet tightly–just snug enough for contact–and to remove the wrap after a short ten to fifteen minute session. Keep a close eye on your pet while s/he is wearing the wrap. You may need to make adjustments for comfort or safety. Never put a body wrap on an unattended animal.

You can hear me on Pet Life Radio talking about Applying the Right Touch to Fearful, Phobic Dogs with Phil Blizzard, founder of Thunder Shirts by clicking here.

To illustrate the benefits of close contact with the body wrap or Thunder Shirt for fear in dogs, I’d like to share this from one of our practitioners. It just arrived in my inbox this morning:

Here’s why I love body wraps — this JUST happened/is happening.

8:00 raindrops begin, dog comes inside
8:02 dog starts barking at sky through patio doors, then hides under DR table
8:03 dog gets a Figure-8 wrap + a treat for un-hiding herself for a moment
8:07 storm hits in full, with thunder, lightning, wind, and downpour; dog watches calmly (in wrap) from under DR table
8:18 deluge continues; dog utters one little “hmph” of dissent, then falls sound asleep, still in wrap, in middle of floor
That about wraps up why I love wraps.

Betsy Lane

I invite any readers or TTouch practitioners to send us success stories and also to relate stories when these 2 choices did not help. It is important to hear the failures along with the successes. Please also send along photos of the wrap configuration – I suggest using the 1/2 wrap – or your dog wearing the Thunder Shirt.


Comments on: "The Body Wrap and the Thunder Shirt: Applying the Right Touch to Fearful, Phobic Dogs" (11)

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  2. Hello!! I was wondering if there is a different body wrap for dogs with weak hind quarters. A friend’s dog that is not that old but had a very bad start in life before being rescued has aged quickly and has some weakness in his hind end. Sometimes he gets up and crosses his hind legs before he can figure it out. Thought maybe a body wrap would be an idea.

    Thanks! Jan in VT

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  4. Hi, I had to get a thundershirt for my little dog Bruno. He was a rescued little guy, and came with fears of every sudden and loud noise. He too has since developed the very weak hind quarters but he is a senior dog we guess about 14 now. He came three yrs ago and used to tremble and lick his mouth,lips constantly and drool till there would be little puddles wherever he was. I did get him a thunder shirt and saw immediate success. Now he doesn’t even realize when the loudest brightest (lightning) storms come through. He may sleep right through them or if during wake hours just carries on as if nothing happened. I did get him on neutraceuticals for his weak hind quarters and he most recently has improved that he doesn’t cross the legs any more. He can occasionally go fast again and at worst he sometimes is obviously weaker he will sway or wobble till I think he is going to tip off his legs but repositions the foot in time and hasnt actually fallen over yet. I wish you much success with your dog. If I may the supplement that caused the greatest and fastest improvement was called petflex. Please feel free to edit or delete if it isnt appropriate to state brand names!

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  6. canineconnectionllc said:

    I have had consistent results with the original patented Anxiety Wrap developed by Susan Sharpe. Of all the products currently on the market, the Anxiety Wrap provides the most maintained pressure while also working to apply pressure to acupressure points in the neck, shoulders, chest, belly, mid-section and hind legs. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Nicholas Dodman at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine the Anxiety Wrap was found to be effective in 89% of Thunderstorm-phobic dogs. Another product from the inventor of the Anxiety Wrap that I have found very effective in the eduction of anxiety in dogs with anxious barking is the Face Wrap. The Face Wrap can be combined with the Anxiety Wrap, although I have not yet used the two products together. I have used the Anxiety Wrap on my own dog as an adjunct in the treatment of her generalized anxiety as well as with my clients’ dogs. I have found the Anxiety Wrap to be a very effective therapeutic modality in the treatment of general and separation anxiety.

    Cindy Ludwig, M.A., KPA-CTP
    Owner, Canine Connection LLC
    Dubuque, Iowa

  7. Pamela Fuller said:

    I would love to purchase a Thunder Shirt for my dog. Where can I purchase one in Western Cape, South Africa?

  8. […] You can also read about the Thundershirt and the Anxiety Wrap at…. I recommend the Thundershirt and the Tellington TTouch Anxiety Wrap over the Anxiety […]

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