From the Desk of Linda Tellington-Jones

To celebrate the beauty in our world is to contribute to that very beauty.

On of my favorite bedside reading treasures is the precious little Book of Uncommon Prayer by Dr. Ruth L. Miller in which she writes,

Deepak Chopra calls the Quantum Field ‘the field of infinite possibilities,” and says that “when we achieve the stillness of the prayer state we are directly participating in that field and helping shape the forms that emerge out of it.”

I believe that by acknowledging the beauty that Dewitt Jones* portrays with his photos, and taking time to achieve the stillness as we contemplate “what is right with the world,” we are co-creating that field of beauty and infinite possibilities.

It is my pleasure to share this inspiring video, celebrating What is Right with the World from The Healing Wheel: The Online Magazine for Seekers of Spiritual and Universal Truth.


Each week, Dewitt Jones posts a new photograph here with the same simple message: Celebrate What’s Right with the World! You can even have them delivered into your inbox!

* Dewitt Jones is one of America’s top professional photographers with a career stretching over twenty years. As a motion picture director, he had two films nominated for Academy Awards before he was thirty. Twenty years as a freelance photographer for National Geographic earned him a reputation as a world-class photojournalist. Turning to advertising, Jones rose to the forefront of corporate creative marketing photographing national advertising campaigns for Dewar’s Scotch, Canon, and United Airlines. He has published nine books, including California!, Visions Of Wilderness, What The Road Passes By, Robert Frost, A Tribute To The Source, Canyon Country and John Muir’s High Sierra. His most recent book, The Nature Of Leadership was created in collaboration with Stephen R. Covey (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). Dewitt’s column, Basic Jones, appears monthly in Outdoor Photographer magazine. He is a cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College with a BA in Drama and holds a Masters Degree in film making from UCLA. Dewitt is recognized as a world-class lecturer. His knowledge of the creative process, his relaxed and genuine style, and his ability to communicate make his presentations truly outstanding.

Comments on: "Let’s Celebrate What’s Right with the World!" (3)

  1. Maggie Holley said:

    Linda..I watched Dewitt Jones and held my breath.. my eyes filled with light, tears and a smile.My heart swelled..
    Then I thought of the idea of ‘still water’ or stillness that you, Deepak, Mark Rashid & others speak of- those images that we need to consciously bring to our mind and thirsty souls in this modern world, to REconnect and create beauty in this moment..

    Thank you so much for sharing this, as without you as my ‘co conspirator’ in creation, I may not have seen this remarkable video!

    I hope we all become ‘Beings of a Higher Awareness’ as this IS our time.I intend to assist in shaping the Matrix!
    Maggie X

  2. Maggie Holley said:

    So very true..feeling very blessed and grateful at this moment ..:)

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