From the Desk of Linda Tellington-Jones

The web site is the home page for the fantastic array of books on horses and those who love them published by Trafalgar Square Books of North Pomfret, Vermont. Trafalgar Square has published my books for years.

Now Horse and Rider Books has a blog, and they have posted about the Tellington TTouch YouTube Channel!

Horse and Rider Books’ blog has just started out, but they’ve already posted some very interesting stuff. This is a good place to learn about their authors. Check them out!


Comments on: "Visit Horse and Rider Books, the Blog of Trafalgar Square Publishing" (2)

  1. Judy Grace said:

    Dear Linda,

    I think you are the most amazing, loving and caring animal person in the world!! I recently learned about and used your techniques on my 2 yr old filly, Honey, who had a bad childhood, and was angry and reared alot, and I am SO AMAZED at the wonderful bond we have now!! I want to be a practitioner, and I’m going to do everything I can to get all the training!!
    I wanted to ask you, about what you think happened to Dawn Branchau and her Orca, Tillikum, recently in the news at Sea World. It’s really bothering me so very much, because I saw footage, and know the whale really loved her very much, and must be grieving right now. Can you tell us your thoughts on that..I would really need anything to put my mind at ease, and would love your opinion on it.

    God Bless you,…Judy Grace, Arvada, CO

  2. Thanks for nice posting.
    Horse is a beautiful animal and it has been domesticated from many centuries now. But now technology comes handy in order to lend a helping hand.

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