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I’m really thrilled to receive feedback on my blog. The following email response all the way from South Africa took me back to a memorable experience on the coast of British Columbia in 1988 when I joined a group of friends on a trip to support Jim Nollman’s studies of interspecies communication. We had many awesome interactions with orcas that I wrote about in my book, The Tellington TTouch: Caring for Animals with Heart and Hands. It’s full of stories of my work around the world with many species.To read Michelle’s email and more about my experiences on that trip, click “more.”

Here’s Michelle’s email:

Dear Linda,

Thank you for this amazing story.
I had such a feeling of love, joy and warmth when reading it and seeing your pictures.
I absolutely love dolphins and have been swimming with bottlenose dolphins in Mozambique Southern Africa since 1998.

They have changed my career for me, inspired me to be honest about my spirituality, start teaching meditation and breathing workshops and run holistic trips to see them. I have been doing so since 2004. Even though I am based in Johannesburg, I travel to the coast 3-4 times a year to see my finned friends and interact with them. They truly are the angels of the sea!

I also spent 3 months in Bermuda in 2004 working with Atlantic Bottlenose in captivity and they inspired me to look at TTouch more seriously. I have always done some form of “touches” and it all has come together for me now – thank you! I started the practitioners course here in South Africa this year October with your divine sister Robyn. I am so enjoying this journey and getting to be more of me and less of what is expected!

I wanted to share a few of my pictures with you of my friends and my time with them. ENJOY!!

You can see more on my website if you are interested.

If you are coming to South Africa one day and would like to meet them, in the wild and on their terms, it would be my honor to assist you.
Blessings to you, dolphin spirit!

Michelle Sachs

Jim Nollman has been known for interspecies communication for decades. He first began by playing music to turkeys, who would then respond by gobbling turkey-talk when Jim stopped playing. Jim is a prolific writer and has many fascinating tales to tell.

On the expedition I was on, Jim was recording orca/human interaction with a newly developed underwater recording device. He played his electric guitar and orcas would respond when he stopped playing. They were “jamming” together!!! Michelle’s email brought me right back to those quiet nights in the bowels of the boat listening to the magical interspecies connections. When you hear the recordings you cannot tell when the orcas are vocalizing and when Jim is playing his guitar. Had I not been sitting on the boat observing I would not have believed that an orca would answer, or could make such a sound! To learn more you can go to Jim’s website Interspecies where you will find his newsletter, list of books and CDs and adventures and listen to a short orca vocalization.

I was doing a lot of journalling during that trip. We were camped right the edge of the water where orca pods were swimming by daily. One day I was kayaking with a friend and a single orca swam by us not 10 feet away and looked me straight in the eye. I had a profound feeling of connection and that evening I had a most unusual experience.

I had been writing by candlelight in my tent and suddenly heard a “whoosh” of the breath of an orca very close by. I felt as though I was being called. It was a dark night without a moon, but I went to the water’s edge only a few steps away, and an orca was swimming directly toward the shore where I was standing. The phosphorescence in the water was outlining the orca. S/he swam straight toward me and turned less than 10 feet from the shore – so close that a wave of water washed up on the shoreline. I could not help myself and as I shone my flashlight right onto the eye of the orca and I felt a deep soul connection. S/he swam along the water’s edge looking straight at me and then turned and headed out, leaving me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

The following evening as I sat on the waters edge at sunset I wrote:

The sun sets
As the fisher flies
I sit and contemplate
The clouds in the skies.

The tides flow
The waters glow
And I know That my time here
Has brought me so near

To the orcas
The bears
The trees

And the cares
That weigh the world
Have lifted and gone.
The Heavens have opened
As we sang each song.

That “Feeling” described
By the orcas to us
Will stay with us always
And free us from fuss

Or tears
Or unnecessary fears
When life gets a little heavy
Or boringly steady

That “Feeling”
Can guide us
As we walk through life

To spur us to remember
That stress and strife
Need not be on our path

We are forever free
To live as the orca
In ideal harmony.

That “feeling” is something we can experience by taking time to admire the beauty of nature that surround us when we slow down to look and listen:
admiring a flower;
acknowledging a butterfly;
delighting in the humming of a bee gathering nectar;
the voice of a soft breeze rustling leaves;
early dawn bird chatter;
leaning your back against the trunk of a tree;
meditating, praying, listening;
TTouching your dog, kitty, friend, child, partner.

I would love to hear what gives you that special “feeling” of awe, reverence, appreciation. Share your thoughts by commenting below if you will.

Heart Hugs,


Comments on: "From My Inbox: A Letter From A Reader Evokes “Orca Feeling”" (4)

  1. Angela Neumann said:

    Dear Linda,

    what gives me a special “Feeling” of awe, reverence, appreciation?
    Reading the dolphins stories I remember what brought tears to my eyes when
    I visited a “Sea Life Center” in Denmark this summer and went to a water basin where people could pet rays and other sea life animals. I don’t like those places too much as I feel compassion with the “poor” animals that are exposed to so much stress from the visitors. There was this one special female ray who cruised through the basin in circles downside up. I wanted to communicate my intention to sending out compassionate feelings for the rather hard conditions of living in the basin. But when I opened my vision to my big surprise I could see and feel this huge field and cloud of love, light and joy radiating from her and I saw that she had opened her tremendous heart chacra . She was waving with her flippers like wings to the people standing around the basin and she said to me: “Don’t feel sorry for me! Take the love I’m giving. This is my job here at that place. This is my life task and I like it!” Wow, what a true demonstration of creating sacred space of love in and around this
    20 x 20 inch size animal and also in and around the whole basin.

    With heart hugs from Germany

    Angela Neumann

    • Dear Angela, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the ray. It has been my experience also that these being who grace us with their presence “in captivity” bring a message of love. It reminds me of an experience I had in 1979 when i attended a weeklong spiritual seminar in southern Spain with a famous channeler of an ancient Chinese master. The group took a day trip to some citadel and on the way we passed a bear chained in the backyard of a private home. it was not a nice situation for a bear, and there was instant pity as you can imagine. However, the group leader responded that the bear had the opportunity to rise above group bear consciousness in a way that would take him to another level of incarnation.

      I don’t think it gives humans the right to keep the bear in this way, however, and i think we all have to work to raise consciousness that animals do indeed have feelings and deserve compassion.

      The ray also brought to mind Keiko (the orca who was in the movie “Free Willy”). From my feeling about him during 2 times I spent with him in Mexico, he was happy there. He loved his trainer of seven years and would go into a depression if she missed one day. It seemed like a tragedy that he was taken away from his Mexican home and send to Oregon for rehab in preparation for release into the wild – then to Iceland where he was seperated from people and kept alone – and after a couple of years released. He swam directly to Norway where he interacted with humans again. He never did connect with an orca pod and shortly thereafter he died of pneumonia.

      It’s a very sad story but i believe Keiko may have gone through all that suffering to raise awareness. Thanks to Keiko millions of children and adults became aware of orcas and other dolphins and whales like never before. When you think of his life in this way, he left an important legacy.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of times swimming with the wild spotted dolphins in the bahamas and of hearing Humpback song underwater once in Hawaii and diving with a majestic eagle ray in very deep water in Turks and Caicos. So lucky to have these experiences. I had a similar feeling this morning watching my donkeys and horses emerge this morning from the fog here in the Texas hills!

  3. Margi Keys said:

    Thanks so much for these blogs. You have helped me articulate what I have been feeling since my encounter with two orca at Hobbs Beach, Tiritiri Island, off the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand on January 12. I was swimming alone at the time, and was approached by a bull orca and a female orca who were travelling around the island. I know this because other people saw them earlier on the other side of the island. At the time I felt thrilled and full of awe and exctiement. And ever since I have felt incredibly lucky and grateful to have had such an amazingly awesome experience. A wonderful energy has come into my being as a result.

    There is no doubt in my mind that these animals are very safe to be in the water with.

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